Special Festivals

Special living exhibitions are designed and displayed at the Museum to celebrate 5 major occasions.

“Seeds of the King” (on the 2nd Saturday of January : Nationnal Children’s Day)

Emphasizing the importance of the youth as the next generation who will adopt the Sufficiency Economy in their way of life to sustain the country

Plant Genetics

(first weekend of April) A live exhibition about seeds as the foundation of human diet, shelter, clothing, medicine including arts, furniture, etc. across the world.

“The the Royal Wish Festival & Agri Museum Expo”

”(first weekend of July) A special festival to remark King Rama 10 ‘s birthday and his royal wish to continue, preserve, and build upon the royal legacy (further develop his father’s work)

King Rama IX Remains in our Hearts Eternally”

(mid October) No matter of how long after his passing away, he still in peoples’ heart. A festival to A celebration to express gratitude to His Majesty the King (King Rama IX) for his great love he had for not only Thai people, but for all mankind.

“Strength of the Land”

(first weekend of December) To celebrate the World Soil Day. Soils are living, dynamic natural resource and provider of life. It helps sustain life since our food, clothing, fuel and shelter come from soil. Healthy soil has enormous benefits to human life.